The World Of Advanced Weaving Technology


When diamond Business in Surat collapsed, Textile Industry was at peak and jobs were created for workers. City got his 3rd name - Silk City of India. Industry jumped high and started to provide 90% need of polyester to the nation annually.


By 2009, Number of textile machines in surat crossed almost half a million installations. The only problem was, 7 out of 10 machines were imported from abroad. Which was expensive & time consuming. Main issue was with services and when machines get technical issues, it was taking from week to months to get it back on production. Owners had no choice as Indian companies were very few and failed to provide good service.


Meanwhile Mr. Ghanshyam Bhakhar & Mr. Jitendra Viradiya visited National Gandhi Museum, Delhi and saw 1940’s traditional weaving machine. It felt unusual for them as they saw same kind of weaving machines people were still using in India. There was not much developing happened in textile/fabric industry in India since. They both came out with an idea to combine engineering and technology with creativity to develop weaving machineries and change the way this industry has worked till now.


They both knew services for textile machinery can be way better than what people were getting, And their Journey Began. "Orange Weaving Engineering Pvt Ltd" Registered in 2011. Company leased an abandoned property and converted it to their headquarter. Who knew company, which was established with 25 members, will become a home of 300 members and engineers very soon.


First weaving machine came out of production and with surprise; it was cheaper than importing from overseas. Next Step was to build a system to provide best and instant support and service to the customers. Mr. Viradiya & Mr. Bhakhar gave 6 years of his life to create a company with high productivity along with latest technology that just not only focus on manufacturing but also takes care of services.


After great success and response of ORG 250, Orange started to research about textile industry and came to know that Velvet was one on high demand. People used to import velvet looms from China. Nobody ever thought to develop machinery in India. Orange took this initiative and introduced India’s first high Speed, high tech velvet looms manufacturing unit in sachin, Gujarat.


Until 2014, India was only manufacturing rapier machines upto 150 cm of width. But countries like china already started to export machines with width of 300 cm. People in India were importing these machineries to increase production but end up getting stuck due to services. It was hard to get engineers who can repair of modify this imported weaving machines. By the end of 2014, Orange successfully developed and launched machines with the width of 300 cm.


Fabric manufacturing units in India had only witnessed shuttle looms that can go up-to 120 RPM. All machineries that can go above this speed were all imported from out countries. Orange weaving Engineering took initiative of “Make in India” and developed High tech shuttle looms with electronic penal that can go up-to 180 RPM.


With a great success of every product orange has ever launched, we were able to add one more module in Product Showcase - Dobby. And proudly we were the first to introduced and launched “Dobby”in India.


Orange acquires 30,000 square feet of land to start 2nd manufacturing unit. By the end of the year this unit developed and introduced “Electronic Jacquard” which took Indian fabric industry by storm as it was cheapest and most advanced Jacquard ever built in Country.


By this time, orange became a home of 300 members managing 2 production units. It was too hard to find technician or engineers when needed for weavers. Orange launched 15 service centers through out industrial areas of India to provide services on time. These service centers are equipped with spare parts, engineers and technicians. Orange also introduced a “Demonstration Unit” that customers can visit and examine all modules live in action.


To expand the business, orange started to shape its 3rd unit by acquiring 82,000 square feet of space and introduced Hojiwala Unit Sachin, Gujarat. With 3 manufacturing units sharing total working space of 1,37,000 square feet, 300 members and 15plus Service centers, Orange weaving engineering Pvt. Ltd. became India’s largest company to manufacture fabric/textile weaving machineries.